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Bilbao is a municipality in Spain founded in the 13th century, it was a commercial enclave of great importance in its time, which experienced significant growth in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

On May 19, 2010, he received the Lee Kuan Yew World City award, considered the nobel of urban architecture, and nothing better than visiting it with one of our Bilbao escorts from our agency .

Visit Mount Artxanda

You can ascend on foot, by funicular or by car, this place has large green areas where you can take a romantic walk and taste a sample of the city’s gastronomy, enjoying a wonderful view of the city, of course in the company of a beautiful luxury escort from Bilbao .

Pass the bridge of La Salve

If you want to see a sunset that starts the romance, or contemplate a wonderful sunrise to start a day out of the ordinary, without a doubt the Puente de la Salve will be the best place because from there you can see much of the architecture of the city. city, and it is located in such a way that the sun rays definitely give a spectacular touch to the surrounding landscape and what better way to do it than in the company of a sensual escort from Bilbao.

Go to the beach

Arrietara and Ataxabiribil are two semi-urban beaches in Bilbao, with fine sand, although of a darker tone than common, where you can enjoy a gin and tonic and many more drinks in the bars near the beach, of course You can spend wonderful moments in this place with an escort from Bilbao who knows the place, so you can spend a romantic day in this place.

Do you like museums? In Bilbao there are two beautiful ones to visit with Bilbao escorts

Going to a museum with a Bilbao escort is quite an experience. The Guggenheim Museum, inaugurated by King Juan Carlos I of Spain, has reached more than a million visitors not only for its content but also for its wonderful architecture and the Museum of Fine Arts with more than 100 years of history, based on the collaboration between public institutions, local artists and civil society is one of the largest in Spain, and although its external architecture is not very striking in the day, at night it is completely transformed thanks to the lights specially placed to give it a imposing and very traditional air.

Bilbao is a very interesting city, and of course you have all the traditional fun you can find in one of them. Bars, shopping centers, classic cathedrals, wonderful hotels and discos of all kinds so that you can spend very fun moments in the company of a luxury escort in Bilbao .

Having a lady of company on your next visit to the city for vacations or business will surely change the environment and allow you to enjoy the city much more, because the escorts in Bilbao know a large number of places to carry out activities according to your taste, as well that simply hires their services in our agency and get ready to spend unforgettable moments in the company of imposing luxury escorts.

Escorts Bilbao

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