Lisbon escorts, a delicate company that you will surely love

Lisbon escorts are excellent escorts both for their beauty and for their skills to start a conversation and seduce you with their beautiful accent, because whether they are born or not in the country they always have a bit of the music that surrounds Portuguese that gives them that sensual and magical touch when speaking.

Lisbon is the largest city in Portugal, the oldest capital of Western Europe, and is home to 26% of the country’s total population, and has beautiful places of great interest that you can visit in the company of a escort from luxury Lisbon.

Visit the church of Santo Domingo with a beautiful luxury escort

Our Lisbon escort agency offers you a lot of fun and above all pleasure. You can visit the Church of Santo Domingo, which for more than three centuries this temple was the largest in Lisbon, there have been coronations of the kings of Portugal, and countless weddings of the most select staff in the city, curiously its interior is completely burned due to a fire that happened in 1959.

Instead of restoring the temple, the people of Lisbon chose to leave it that way, and since then the charred walls in which the strangely molten stone can be seen gives it an atmosphere that is somewhat difficult to describe, but that is certainly worth seeing personally and even more. in the company of an escort from Lisbon who can tell you the history of the city and particularly the church of Santo Domingo.

Get to know the Parque das Nacoes

Being the headquarters of the 1998 World Expo, this park is one of the most famous and visited in Lisbon, where you will find a large number of shopping centers, restaurants and bars totally dedicated to the care of Futurism itself designed especially to serve you with the happiest atmosphere in the city, which of course you will enjoy a lot in the company of a spectacular escort from Lisbon .

There you will also find the Vasco da Gama bridge, one of the largest and most beautiful in Portugal that has a first-hand view of the sea and the city from where you can take absolutely spectacular photos accompanied by one of our luxury escorts from Lisbon .

Don’t forget to take your escort to the Fado Museum

Fado is a musical genre typical of Portuguese culture, which was born at the University of Coimbra and is usually enjoyed by locals and strangers, being so popular that it has its own museum in the city.

Located in the Alfama neighborhood, it has a collection of more than 14,000 pieces of art of all kinds that tell the story of this music.

You will always find a guide willing to take you around the museum telling you how this cultural line of the country emerged, and although Portuguese is a different language, it is very understandable, so you will surely enjoy your visit to this tourist sector of the city next door. of a beautiful escort from Lisbon .

The Oceanarium to laugh and enjoy with the ladies of our Lisbon escorts agency

In our Lisbon escort agency you can visit with your companion the second largest aquarium in Europe is located in Lisbon, It has more than 8000 different species of fish, where you can see amphibian sharks, invertebrate birds mammals in addition to tropical fish.

It has a central tank called the global ocean that is divided into four marine habitats. In addition there are four separate ponds where you can see species from the North Atlantic, the temperate Pacific, the Antarctic, and the tropical Indian.

Meet the Labyrinth of the Horta

If you are looking for a romantic place to go with your escort, without a doubt this garden designed by Domenico Bagutti in 1791 will be one of the best places to take her, as it has a large number of trees, sculptures, ponds, waterfalls and one that another space for passionate kisses and daring caresses that will undoubtedly leave you in love with this city and the girl.

To do this, the minotaur’s labyrinth in crete was taken as a reference, so there is a verse that Ariadne said to Theseus at the entrance, which is quite striking and gives it an air of really charming mystery, which will make you spend a lot of time interesting.

In case you have little time to be in the city, El Oceanario is the first thing you should visit with your Lisbon escort , not only because it is one of the special centers of the city, but because You will have a lot of fun, thanks to its presentations and special activities scheduled for all tourists in the place.


Lisbon Escorts

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