Welcome to Aphrodite Escorts the Elite of Malllorca escorts. Our exclusive Mallorca escorts agency organizes discreet appointments with attractive and charming Palma de Mallorca escorts. Ladies university students, models and VIP escorts Mallorca.

You will not find professional Palma Mallorca escorts, but normal women who study or have a regular job only occasionally. Because, our Palma escorts seek adventure and the tingling of eroticism in their free time.

If you are visiting Palma de Mallorca, for a short leisure stay or a business trip; If you want to visit charming places in the Balearic Islands in the best company, our Palma escorts will be happy to accompany you so that you can get to know the island.

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You can visit places like Cala Mayor, Parc del Mar, Can Pere Antoni, Cuevas del Drach; Bellver Castle, Santa Maria de Palma de Mallorca Cathedral, Lluc Monastery and much more.

You can go to dinner with your escort girl, in some of the most relevant restaurants in Palma de Mallorca. Like the Zaranda that has two Michelin stars where you can taste the most exquisite dishes; Es Racó d’es Teix, Es Molí d’en Bou, Es Fum, Jardín Restaurant, Cort Restaurant, among others.

How about a bit of nightlife accompanied by an escort from Palma? We recommend you visit the Lonja, a very famous area. La Lonja is a place full of cafes, bars and restaurants, a place on the island that fascinates both day and night; where you can have a good cocktail at Ábaco Cocktail Bar.

Our agency and the escorts of Palma de Mallorca

We meet all the high-level company ladies through a personal casting in Mallorca. All the escorts are selected according to very demanding criteria. It is important for our agency Mallorca escorts to select the right luxury escorts, so that they present different types in terms of clothing; height, chest size, hair color, origin, etc. Because, we know that gentlemen’s tastes are different.

Call us today and book one of our charming and friendly Mallorca escorts. Aphrodite Escorts certifies that all the photographs of the company girls are 100% real and current. Please note, that we only offer service to a hotel in a sophisticated environment.

It is not by chance that our luxury escort agency in Palma de Mallorca is one of the main luxury escort service agencies on the island. Because, it enjoys great popularity among our select customers. In addition, we offer the best quality VIP escort services. A precisely regulated recipe helped us become a leader in the field of luxury escort services in Palma. We have a reputation for being a high-end, high-quality escort agency. In terms of organization by the agency, and the team made up of the VIP Elite ladies, who belong to Aphrodite Escorts.

Escorts of the highest level in Mallorca

Because everyone knows that luxury ladies are among the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, we deservedly have the reputation of being a escort service agency of the highest quality in the Balearic Islands. Personalized escort services for you. Company services are an important component of the life of any foreigner on the island of Palma.

Our models will become irreplaceable assistants for you in; VIP events that are not appropriate to visit alone, business trips around the country or on vacation. Believe us, there is nothing more entertaining and carefree than a short weekend or a week of vacation, in the company of one of our elegant luxury escorts in Mallorca.

Loving day and night life, they will bring youthful ardor and a positive charge in your life, which will brighten the days of your stay in a foreign country (Island of Palma). The escort services of our luxury escort agency in the Balearic Islands, are not limited to a pleasant conversation, tourist visits or intimate encounters. Our escort ladies from Palma will help you become a true islander and unfold naturally, in all kinds of events.

Services of the escorts in Mallorca from our agency

Companions in events and celebrations in Mallorca. Do you have an event or party in Mallorca and you don’t know who to attend with? Our Palma de Mallorca escorts will live up to and meet your expectations in any of the events that require them. The escorts of our escort agency are elegant and discreet, they know how to be and are good conversationalists, nobody will notice that she is a company lady.

Our agency has central and discreet apartments in Mallorca.

If you visit the island Mallorca and you do not want an appointment in your hotel or accommodation by discretion, our agency has central apartments for the meeting with the escort in Mallorca. In addition, many of our ladies have their own discreet apartment for the meeting. If you want something more special, our agency can arrange a reservation for a luxury suite with a Jacuzzi in any part of the island.

Schedules of our company girls in Mallorca

The escort girls in Mallorca from our agency are available 24 hours a day, by appointment from 10:00 in the morning to 00:00 at night. You can make your reservation at our luxury escort agency by calling +34 617 931 348 within the indicated hours, choose your company in Mallorca and make your reservation for any time of the day. You will enjoy an unforgettable encounter with our precious ladies.

At Aphrodite Escorts we work every day to provide the best company services, manage the best places for the date and select the perfect escorts in Mallorca. Because for our team the full satisfaction of each of our clients in each service we offer is a great success.

All the girls at the luxury escort agency in Palma de Mallorca Aphrodite Escorts are very open to GFE treatment, sensual, elegant, discreet and fun-loving. Our long history in the sector has given us professionalism, discretion and know-how in each reservation. Let yourself be enveloped by the world of Aphrodite Escorts.

Luxury escorts in Mallorca

On the island of Palma de Mallorca there are a lot of activities to do as a couple and if you don’t want to miss them, whether you are there on business or simply on a trip of pleasure with a sensual escort, our agency is ready to offer you a contact with the most beautiful girls in the place that will take you to the maximum enjoyment of unparalleled experiences that will be unforgettable and wonderful.

We are an agency that provides luxury escorts in Mallorca, the girls who are in our select group are elegant, feminine and of course very polite and discreet in such a way that you can take them as companions in any meeting, since be it casual or business. They are so expert that nobody will realize that you are hiring our services.

Their conversations are absolutely wonderful and your meetings will also end with a great ending, enjoying unparalleled moments that will make you reach a degree of pleasure that you have not been able to imagine even in your most daring fantasies.

Unparalleled nights of pleasure in Mallorca

If you want to have unparalleled pleasure nights in Mallorca our escorts can give you wonderful moments. They will be willing to please all your fantasies, from the most innocent, such as a romantic dinner and a kiss on the beach to… the limit is your most wonderful desire.

If you do not want to tell our girl directly, tell us your fantasies and desires, we will take care of being a bridge between your pleasure and our luxury escorts in such a way that when they come to your side they will know exactly what you want , but they will do it slowly and at the right time, making your night absolutely great because that way your fantasy will be just as you have dreamed it with the complicity of these beautiful girls in Mallorca and of course our VIP girls agency.

Many styles for great pleasure

Blondes, brunettes, redheads, Latins, Russians, Norwegians, with perfect bodies and magnificent faces, with blue, green, honey eyes, we really have a wide variety of fantastic luxury escorts. On our page you will find the description of each of them and also a precise description of everything they can do for you.

We have professional masseuses who will provide you with an unparalleled rest after a day of business, as well as a dream ending.

If you travel with your partner and want to have a threesome, we have wonderful bisexual girls who are experts in giving pleasure to both women and men and they can do it in a single session so that both of you will be totally satisfied and will want to repeat that wonderful experience over and over again. .

Have you and your friends dreamed of having an orgy? Nothing better than having beautiful luxury escorts, expert, outgoing and ready to please your most intimate fantasies in a phenomenal night that does not necessarily have to be a bachelor party, any moment is special to please your desires .

If you are in Mallorca, do not forget that we can please you with total discretion, contact us, choose your girl and get ready to spend a night of pleasure, madness and fantasy without equal.

Best summer plans in Mallorca in the company of a luxury escort

Summer is a sign of joy, rest, few clothes and new experiences. What better than living them next to a luxury escort. To give you an idea, we have some suggestions that will make your summer definitely wonderful on the island of Palma de Mallorca.

Enjoy the sea in Palma de Mallorca. Whether on a yacht, a boat or simply on a wonderful and lonely beach, enjoying the sea with a luxury escort is a sensational experience since you can definitely enjoy a unique fantasy, full of passionate kisses, caresses and… everything that you wish.

Go hiking in good company

Walking through places full of nature usually awakens great passions. What better than to make your tour with a luxury escort in Mallorca, she is a fun, cheerful company with an excellent conversation. In addition, her perfect body will be a motivation to finish the walk, and if you happen to be a little more naughty… well, she will be willing to follow the game you suggest.

Nudist beach, a very daring experience

It is said that at least once in your life you should try the experience of going to a nudist beach and what better than doing it with an escort from Mallorca. She is fun, uninhibited, happy, and loves to have new sensations.

A large amount of sunscreen and a desire to have a different view of the sea will be all you need to have intense fun. Don’t worry. On the nudist beaches of Palma de Mallorca each person has their own way and very few people care about each other, so they probably won’t stare at you. As for your escort… well, with that magnificent body, anything can happen!

If you wish, you can hire the services of our agency to take an escort from Palma to a private pool. You can’t imagine the number of positions you can practice with her in the water, because your body will be quite light and she will have enough experience to take you to unsuspected limits.

Also in the sexual preliminaries you can include an erotic massage, a striptease and all the fantasies you want , which combined with the water in the summer heat turn out to be a great and definitely unforgettable experience.

Play with ice with a companion in Mallorca

In the height of summer when the heat is almost stifling, you can enjoy a refreshing ice cabin in a spa. It is between eight and ten degrees of temperature, it also includes lights and sound so you can listen to the music you want. And what better than being accompanied by a beautiful luxury companion from Mallorca who can be the most fun and also teach you one or another trick with ice that will leave you with a very exciting feeling, wishing that the following summer will come very soon again.

You can also go to fairs, concerts, dinners at night, yacht tours, discos and many more activities to which your luxury escort will be willing to accompany you in the summer on the island of Palma de Mallorca and the best, all the activities they can take you, if you wish, to a really happy ending.

Luxury facilities for escorts in Mallorca.

When you are going to spend a moment of full enjoyment with a beautiful luxury escort, it is best to have a suitable environment available at your service, in which the facilities in which you are going to be have all the elements necessary for both to be comfortable.

We have the necessary contacts for your evening of passion in Mallorca. Although our agency does not have facilities for your dates, we do have contact with different places where visits by different couples who want to unleash their passion are allowed.

Some of these sites specialize in adapting the place so that you can give free rein to your greatest fantasies, and they not only have a room, but also a hall, kitchen, bar, wet areas, swimming pool, and much more.

If you do not need a space of this type, there are from small apartments, which offer adequate privacy so that you can spend time with your luxury escort in Mallorca, without any inconvenience.

All the spaces that we recommend are luxurious, appropriate for the escorts to feel extremely comfortable and so do you, in such a way that you can have a great time, and have everything you may need close by.

In these places you can give free rein to your passion, and you will not have any inconvenience, since they are places arranged essentially for your pleasure.

Special rooms in Palma

In some of the recommended places to go with your luxury escort in Mallorca there are special rooms so you can give free rein to your imagination.

Spaces that have sex swings, water beds, BDSM rooms, so ask us about these places, we can suggest you. Remember that we are not a club of Whores Mallorca and, therefore, we do not have our own facilities for appointments, but we know the island of Palma very well, so that you can spend a fairly comfortable time, enjoying everything that your escort of luxury has to offer you.

Your comfort and biosecurity are very important

At the Aphrodite Escorts Palma de Mallorca agency we are aware of the world situation, so the sites we recommend will have everything you need for your biosecurity, and that of our escorts, who also comply with all the established protocols for you to spend time not only full of pleasure and comfort, but also taking care of your health.

There is nothing better than enjoying a luxurious and extremely neat space so that you can enjoy a time of extremely wonderful sensuality, with all the comforts you deserve.

Each one of these spaces is located in the most exclusive area of ​​Palma de Mallorca, in such a way that you can spend time with your escort in complete comfort and tranquility, in such a way that, if you want to visit some places on the island before enjoying of time with your escort, you can do it with all the comfort of the case.

Always count on our Aphrodite Escorts VIP Mallorca agency to answer any questions you may have regarding the luxurious facilities to enjoy with your escort, so you will have a memorable time that you will surely want to repeat the experience we will offer you.

Fulfill your fantasies with our Mallorca escorts dressed up

Dressing up is a good way to spice up your life. Being able to embody a superhero, a vampire, a sexy gardener, an elf, or whatever else you like will surely be a lot of fun.

In the same way, the Majorca escorts love to dress up, because that way they can show you all their mischievousness, in fact, wearing a costume is what they like to do the most, because, just like you, they will come out of your common routine.

With our luxury escorts you will be able to give free rein to your fantasies, so if you have ever thought of having hot sex with any of the characters that we describe below, do not hesitate to contact us! We will have a sexy escort ready to arrive at the place where you are, and without a doubt your experience will be unforgettable.

Do costumes turn you on? How about these options!

Cleaning girl

This is definitely one of the most interesting fantasies. Imagine a girl with a perfect body who arrives in her miniskirt, heels, stockings and a duster to clean your house, and suddenly, she is on top of you, touching you and passing her duster over your most erogenous zones, without a doubt an experience that You’ll love it.

Girl dressed as a police officer

If you have misbehaved get ready, because a sexy police officer will arrest you, her handcuffs will tie you to the bed and give you that punishment that you have long deserved. A super sexy outfit, the gun and a naughty club will be your best allies of pleasure, so don’t run away because the law will catch you.

Sexy Nurse

Are you with passion fever? You need a sexy nurse to attend to you, so our escort in disguise will make you raise your tension and speed up your pulse, with that white dress and sexy neckline that reveals her perfect breasts, so unzip her and take the medicine you need.

Naughty schoolgirl

No doubt you have thought of passing your hand under the skirt of a schoolgirl, and our escort in costume will be fully willing for you to do it, and to receive a couple of lashes from you for having behaved very, very badly, so, as a punishment, you can give him the Kama Sutra lessons, so that he learns them very well.

Hot secretary

If office hours have you frustrated, this secretary will help you relax totally, you can’t imagine what can be done on top of a desk! As you see in the movies this girl is really hot and she is dying to sit on your lap and write the dictation that you have been preparing.

Is your favorite escort costume not among these? Call us and tell us what fantasy you have. Bunny, Catwoman, Faraona, Brazilian dancer, just tell us what you want, we have escorts with costumes, so tell us and we will surely find a way to make your wishes come true.

Of course, keep in mind that the escorts in costume will arrive with their common attire and once they are in the place where you are, they will change so that you can unleash all your passion.

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