In Tenerife is where the most spectacular escorts in Tenerife are found, spectacular luxury escorts ready to give you a GFE treatment and make your most forbidden wishes and fantasies come true. Check all our ladies of company available for services in hotels and domicile, some also have a private apartment that you can see in each file.

On the island of Tenerife you can not only enjoy its beaches and all the charms of the place. In our luxury escort agency the most sensual escorts Tenerife guarantee you a unique experience.

A night in Tenerife with a luxury escort from Aphrodite Escorts

When you are with a luxury escort in Tenerife you can enjoy a lot of pleasures and particularly with the girls of the Aphrodite Escorts agency. You will be guaranteed to dominate the situation and fulfill your wishes with girls with perfect bodies ready to give you a great experience.

A trio? … why not!

The luxury escorts of the Aphrodite Escorts agency have a great facility to please you with a trio: two beautiful women with fantasy bodies to unleash your most intimate fantasies.

Imagine being able to have this trio with very similar girls, or totally different, for example, in their hair color, or their race, you can enjoy them however you want!

Unconventional places…. The forbidden is exciting.

With the luxury escorts of Tenerife from the Aphrodite Escorts agency you can have sex in the most unexpected places, whether in a car, in a disco, in the bathroom of an airplane, in a center commercial in an elevator, on the beach or anywhere you want … extremely exciting!

The emotion of being with a girl of such physical qualities and being able to have access to the pleasure that it can bring you in prohibited places … well, you can imagine how great it can be.

Do you like sexual role-playing games?

At the Aphrodite Escorts agency we are ready to do whatever it takes to help you fulfill your fantasy. Whether with a stewardess, nurse, student, police, geisha, and much more, we can do it!

The luxury escorts of Tenerife from our agency love having these types of games, so they will undoubtedly be willing to fulfill their role in your fantasy.

Oral sex … A real fantasy come true

It is no secret to anyone that oral sex is a fantasy highly desired by men, which is why Tenerife luxury escorts must be experts in doing it. The pleasure produced by a really well done fellatio is unmatched, so you will surely enjoy this experience that will undoubtedly fill you with unparalleled pleasure.

Whether with a natural French or a full French, or deep throat, you will undoubtedly reach the climax of pleasure, especially if an expert escort Tenerife does it, so you will surely enjoy a really really enjoyable time.

Do you want to give oral sex to a companion from our firm and spectacular body agency? Of course, these girls are ready to give you the opportunity to give them an unparalleled pleasure that you can combine with flavored gels, hot or cold, melted chocolate, honey, cream, fruit and much more. It all depends on what you want to do so get creative!

Enjoy with your escort in Tenerife a time of unparalleled pleasure … think of your most delicious fantasy and fulfill it fully with a luxury escort from the agency Aphrodite Escorts on the beautiful island of Tenerife.


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