The escorts of Rome in Italy, elegant and dreamy

Rome is a wonderful city that impresses with its history, its architecture, its development and its beautiful women. The escorts of Rome are a true jewel, cultured, experienced, elegant and also very attractive with which you can unleash romance, but also discover one of the few cities in the world with three millennia of history .

Visit the Barberini Palace

The Via del Tritone is one of the most visited in Rome, it has one of the most beautiful architecture in Rome. In it is the Barberini Palace, headquarters of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte, which has works by great authors such as Caravaggio, Rafael, Guido Reni, Tiziano and El Greco, and that you can visit with an elegant luxury escort from Rome .

You can’t miss the Campo dei Fiori

On the banks of the Tiber are these beautiful alleys that surround the Plava Navona, with a really picturesque market that has been operating almost since the beginning of the city. In 1456 the space was paved, and of course, like many squares in Europe it was the center of executions in violent times, something precious and with a lot of history to visit with a precious luxury companion.

Giordano Bruno died there, so you will see a monument in her honor and now she has become the symbol of the bohemian life of the city, where you can taste a typical Italian pizza and typical wine as well as all the wonderful Italian gastronomy in company. of your luxury escort.

See the Roman Colosseum in the company of a luxury escort

The Colosseum is something that fascinates visiting our escorts in Rome . Built in the center of the city in the 1st century, during the most flourishing time of the empire it has survived countless wars and for this reason, in addition to its historical value and its impressive construction, it has been declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

In its heyday it could host more than 50,000 spectators and saw a large number of emperors pass by and of course Gladiators who lost their lives in the place, which later became the site of martyrdom of many of the first followers of Christ. It is an Icon of the Roman Empire and of course, you cannot miss it especially in the company of a escort from Rome , who will tell you countless stories of the place and the countless movies that have been filmed there.

Visit St. Peter’s Basilica with the escorts from Rome

Built on the Apostle’s tomb by order of Emperor Constantine, St. Peter’s Basilica receives millions of tourists throughout the year. If it is your first time in Rome, surely you will want to take a photo in this place and a escort from Rome will be ready to help you.

You will agree that Rome has many more places to visit and each of them more romantic than the other, so without a doubt having an escort from Rome to guide you, particularly when you have visited Rome at once is a real luck, because There will always be something new to see in the Eternal City, and also with the best company of an elegant company lady who knows every corner of this beautiful city.

A Rome escort can easily accompany you to this and other places in the city, they are really experts in taking you to the best cultural and fun places in Rome, which is great especially if you have little time to be in it, so you will not miss anything and, in addition, you will enjoy it in the company of a beautiful companion.


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