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Luxury prostitutes. The best preliminaries in sex

Luxury prostitutes love sexual preliminaries , and our girls are no exception, but with a big difference … you don’t have to strive to plan them, they will know how to take you through these wonderful sexual games until you reach the climax of maximum pleasure.

Luxury prostitutes. Erotic chat

A luxury prstitute is an expert in heating the situation at a distance. In our agency you can plan your appointment in advance, have a very sensual conversation that can include very sexy voice messages and photos, as no other woman will have done before for you, it will surely lift you more than the mood.

Sensual massage of a luxury prostitute

In the preliminary with a luxury prostitutes you can have many approaches, but one of the most pleasant is undoubtedly a sensual massage. Feeling the hands of a beautiful luxury prostitute from Aphrodite Escorts with a spectacular physique, stroking your body to take it to the limits of pleasure has no comparison.

It will also bring to your memory one of the best known male fantasies, have a night of pleasure with a very sexy masseuse who can undoubtedly touch even the deepest fiber of your being.

Sensual shower with a luxury prostitutes

Warm water will always be a very sensual and ideal tool for the preliminary sex with a luxury prstitute . Imagine a very pretty girl with a spectacular body bathing just for you, now, you get to the shower and soaps as you wish, how about a natural French? Nothing better than a shower to start it and also, our professional luxury prostitute know many positions that will lead you to absolute madness.

A seductive dessert with a fancy prostitute

Bananas, strawberries, cherries, ice cream, cream, you can not imagine how many wonders a luxury prostitute can do in the preliminaries with all these ingredients. A seductive dessert that you will surely want to try in parts that … you didn’t even know that you can generate an incomparable level of pleasure, and just to start! Will you dare to try it?

Luxury whores and sex toys … Of course!

A high standing whore will always love experimenting with you using sex toys. Dice, vibrators, creams, gel flavors, powder flavors for the skin, everything you want to have a wonderful night with incredible sexual preliminaries , without any kind of Shame so … if you want new experiences a luxury prostitute will be willing to live with you.

A striptease just for you from a luxury escort

If you wanted to have a girl with a perfect body dancing for you alone and taking off your clothes slowly, you will definitely love having a preliminary session with a luxury escort . She will know how to take you little by little through new levels of passion, in addition, without any inhibition and the best part, you will be able to culminate with a whole night of passion that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

You can have any of these preliminaries or all you want to ignite your passion, remember that we are to fulfill all your wishes, definitely count on our luxury fucking agency for your nights of madness, it will be one of the best decisions you can make, and the best … with total discretion!

The most exciting positions to practice with a luxury prostitutes

In sex it is important to know different postures, to reach different sensations that will make you reach the maximum point of pleasure. What better than to do them with a luxury whores specialized in all the love arts , who knows the most innovative, and is so daring and flexible that no one seems like a limitation.

We are going to show you some of the most exciting positions to practice with a luxury prostitute from our agency as a small sample of everything you can get for yourself if you hire our discreet services.

Against the wall

In this exciting position you will feel as if you have sex in the air. It requires a bit of strength on your part, and skill on the part of the girl because she must know how to balance her weight so that you don’t get tired. It is a quite fun experience for both of you where you will be in total control of the situation.

The screw head

For this posture with the luxury whore you will only stand up holding the girl’s legs. Meanwhile the escort will be placed handstand, or on the forearms, depending on your height. In this way you can access it either with your lips or directly in a deep and exciting penetration.

The middle truck

This position is similar to the previous one with the advantage of greater comfort for both.

You can be totally standing, resting one leg on the bed or sitting. Meanwhile the luxury companion will turn head and back to you either resting her legs on your hip or on the bed, from then on … to enjoy an unequaled pleasure.

The Challenge

In this exciting sexual position with a high standing prostitute you must sit down. She will put her feet on the chair keeping her torso bent and also her elbows resting on her knees, you will hug her to reach a deep penetration. From then on you control the rhythm of the movements.

The pine

In this position the girl is resting on her hands. You must be on the edge of the bed lying down and with your legs open. She will slide the legs under the arms, thus producing a deep penetration. This posture will take you to the limit of pleasure and if your companion has enough strength to last much longer than a few seconds.

The Dolphin

For this exciting sexual position you will find yourself kneeling on the floor with your elbows in bed. You must be behind your back. From there hug her and do everything that your imagination and the pleasant moment dictate to you.

As you can see there are many positions outside the traditional that an expert luxury prostitutes knows , and we have only shown you some of them. Surely they will fill all your fantasies, in a unique way and you will learn to take a woman to the limits of pleasure.

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