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My opinion about Mónica escort in Barcelona:

I met three days later at Barcelona having visited the website of the agency Aphrodite Escorts ( I wrote through the instant messaging application and I booked it for 1 hour.

Everything as agreed. I have provided my address, I paid a taxi of confidence and although I took 20 minutes, the lady arrived at my residence.

The company girl was “Monica” is a beautiful girl, 170 cm tall, with “oriental” facial features, well dressed for the occasion that looks like a normal girl next door without knocking the attention at all. Unfortunately, I still do not know how to speak the Spanish language, but even so his attitude was very GFE , I paid immediately from According to the escort agency and around € 20 by taxi, it has been so “dear” but the model is very beautiful.

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Aphrodite Escorts Barcelona

Worthy of mention is his charisma and his reach, his way of speaking, although he embarrassed me. Immediately she took a shower and joined me in the room where I saw her perform in a fantastic striptease, things to send someone to ecstasy! Naked is perfect and I begin to kiss her velvety body with a lot of enthusiasm and her perfect body without imperfections.

The young lady might also seem passive, but it is not so, in fact, she suddenly gets involved in a fantastic BJ without the use of her hands constantly looking into her eyes. I changed several positions (helped by the model) but what he dreams most is the 69 and the caresses with which he interacted during the service.

In the sex, it is really a tigress and the capitulation pleasant and fast to most is not long in coming. The agreed agreement included only one relationship, but I was quite happy …

Meet Monica from Aphrodite Escorts , all about this lovely Monica escort from Barcelona.

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