Russian women come from all the countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, etc., and if you have ever dreamed of having an encounter with any of them you should know that … They are not unreachable !, in our agency we have several Russian Escorts who love to have meetings with elegant and worldly men like you, so we are going to tell you some of their characteristics so that when you have an encounter with them you will arrive full of confidence in yourself and the you pass great.

The agency Russian escorts

What can you expect from a Russian escort physically?

The majority of Russian women are blond, with very white skin, with green, blue or very large gray eyes, but the girls from the places that remain on the border near China have beautiful, clear and slanted eyes, which makes them a Very exotic and striking appearance.

The average height of the Russian company girls is 1.67 centimeters, however, some reach up to 1.80 meters, so they are really elegant ladies, because their presence and height they become beautiful models that you will want to wear everywhere

In addition, Russians in general love to wear very, very high heels for all their activities, and if you have a particular fetish with these gadgets … well Russian escorts will give you hours of fun .

As for his body in general they are small waist, flat belly and large breasts, so they can wear all kinds of clothes looking very feminine and beautiful.

Is it true that the Russians are cold?

In general, Russian girls are usually very serious, they smile little and behave a little loud, but our Russian escorts are quite the opposite.

Funny, excellent conversation, eager to learn new and super sexy things, they have many surprises for you, such as the ability to go with you anywhere wearing just a beautiful silk stockings, heels and a coat.

So is! They are so accustomed to the cold that our country seems really hot, even at night, so that you will be very excited knowing that under your suit your beautiful naked body will be available to you as soon as you wish.

The Russian escorts in bed are absolutely hot , and if you look at the statistics, Russia ranks fifth in the world in the countries with the most sexual activity, and how not to do so with so many beautiful women and sensual.

Do Russian escorts drink a lot?

It is an urban legend. The truth is not and they do not like vodka very much, because for them it is quite strong, in general they prefer cocktails, champagne, wine and even beer, so you can rest easy. In addition all our Russian escorts are professionals, so they will take their appointments with you in absolute discretion in public places, but yes, with a great intensity in privacy, what Russian escorts love.

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