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Sex assistants and their work How is it done?

A sexual assistant is a person who helps those who have difficulty or inability to have erotic contact either with themselves or with others, particularly those with functional diversity.

Through different sessions the sexual assistant teaches people to meet again with the sensations that imply the development of pleasure and that are not always focused on genitality, nor on the act of intercourse, in this way it helps for that human being to understand that he can have a pleasant sexual life beyond his physical or psychological disability.

In some countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany sexual assistance is even considered a health service and is sheltered within the health system according to government specifications.

Sex assistants are hired in general by the relatives or partner of the disabled person, this particularly so that they learn to control their sexuality, let’s say, it requires some particular knowledge and they can also help themselves sex toys .

Imagine that a person has a partner who is wheelchair bound and may not have an erection. Well, sexuality is also part of this couple. That’s when a sex worker can go on to explain to this couple how to have a pleasant relationship.

Now imagine that it is a man or a woman, singles who have a physical disability, for example, they do not have arms, but they want to have a day with a special company or simply as anyone who does not have any disability they want to hire the services of someone to have sex. So they call a sex assistant who knows to really handle these kinds of situations that require special attention.

It is important to know yourself before

People who hire the service of a sexual assistant know that some of them are particularly dedicated to giving pleasure to people who are physically or mentally disabled. That is why an appointment is made so that both the relatives and the assistant and their “patient” get to know each other.

It is an essential step, since it is understandable that people with disabilities must sometimes be assisted to be able to have these particular relationships, sometimes for more than one person, depending on their mobility, therefore, prior agreements are necessary in this regard.

Nothing of the other world, all people have the right to live the experience of giving and receiving pleasure and some have special requirements that can be covered by a sexual assistant , so if you need these services, do not hesitate In asking us, we will tell you how to contact expert sexual assistants to provide an excellent service to those who need it.

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