Basic guide of an escort in Barcelona to keep fit

escorts fitness

The life of a escort in Barcelona is not only about parties and sexual encounters, you must stay in shape, stay elegant and beautiful without forgetting that you must be interesting, so you must read a lot, train very well to not Look like an ignorant fool who just smiles.

I am Martina and I am 24 years old, I currently collaborate with the escort agency Barcelona Aphrodite Escorts, I am professional, I finished My career and this is what has given me great support to develop with high level clients since I can talk about topics of interest, speak in other languages, etc.

Daily routine of an escort in Barcelona to stay in the market

All women like to look beautiful and feel desired in some way, whether a simple housewife every woman likes to look beautiful, but for a escort in Barcelona this is a fundamental rule.

My routine starts at 6 in the morning in the gym, I have a personal trainer that gives me a special training to strengthen and mark the areas that most cause desire in men, buttocks, legs, … anyway. I train almost two hours, depending on the commitments I have on the day.

After training, I go to my language and massage classes until noon, these have been very useful for my role as Barcelona escort , since I can access international clients where the language can Being a great obstacle, regarding the massages, the clients are high-ranking businessmen therefore they want to have a moment of relaxation that allows them to forget for a moment of their labor conflicts, so a specialized massage is the best gift They can get at the end of the day with a good company in Barcelona .

Running escort de Barcelona

Of course I can not neglect my image, so I visit stores and constantly read about fashion trends, that fit my physique and make me look much more stylized. Lingerie garments are the most careful, so the time I spend in shopping for intimate clothes is much longer.

Regarding my diet, I never drink others, I don’t smoke, I try to maintain a balanced diet and a very healthy life in general, since some events require me to stay awake for a long time and this affects my skin, my resistance to physical activity, etc. .

There are many care that I have to maintain my status, but they are activities that I enjoy very much, which make me feel very good with my self-esteem.

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