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When people have a very vague idea of ​​what escorts are or often confuse it with a vulgar whore, they often have many mixed feelings about the issue, from pity to repulsion. During all the time I was in the world of the luxury escort in Madrid , I had to deal with all the prejudices of those who did not know my job in depth.

I started as a massage therapist, where some clients asked me for special services and of course I started going up to earn a lot more money, in this way I could easily pay for my mother’s medicines that were quite expensive, I rarely had enough money left to give myself A gift that made me feel better, I could only buy what was strictly necessary and that made me feel miserable. So I thought, why not? If I can do massages with “happy ending” because I do not increase my income by charging for my company, I am an educated woman, with a university degree, which has not helped me at all, I earn more by doing massages than 8 hours behind a desk solving problems that they are not even mine and without time to do the activities that I like the most.

At that time I was 24 years old, I had a good appearance, I always liked to stay in shape, so I had most of the requirements demanded by the agencies, because I didn’t feel safe doing this independently, without there being an endorsement.

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I started searching online luxury escort agencies in Madrid I sent some casting requests online, although with some fear that they were unreliable agencies, some contacted me but I didn’t feel very comfortable and they didn’t generate any kind of trust Finally the agency Aphrodite Escorts . From the personal interview I felt a lot of cordiality and I empathize immediately, they gave me accompaniment to polish some details to become a lovely luxury companion in Madrid .

My life changed completely with this luxury Escort trade in Madrid

When starting this new stage as luxury escort in Madrid , I knew that I had to demand a lot to give a special service To my clients, make them feel very good with my company and make my specialties a plus for them. My income increased significantly and of course my lifestyle, I got to invoice 600 euros per hour, which allowed me to maintain the health of my mother with higher quality and my lifestyle with a high status, I clearly had to invest in my body In my training, studying languages ​​and finally I was able to retire at 36, I created my Personal Shopper business, taking advantage of the knowledge I acquired in the Aphrodite Escorts agency and of course contacts I got in all that time.

My life now remains at the high level I had while I was a luxury escort, I took advantage of each of the knowledge I acquired to go planning my own business and life plan.

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