Discover new pleasures with erotic toys and escorts

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juguetes eroticos

The erotic toys go far beyond simply having a collection of vibrators of all sizes and colors, so we are going to tell you the characteristics of some of them which are quite novel and will help you pass Excellent moments with your luxury escort, getting out of the routine completely.

First the most classic erotic toys, vibrators

The vibrators began to be designed in 1880 for therapeutic purposes by Dr. Joseph Montimer, since the women of the time suffered from hysteria. They presented irritability, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, fainting and much more apparently due to a kind of inability to reach orgasm, so this doctor created the vibrators that were used in medical consultations and in the presence of the husbands, then they began selling for home treatment.

Today you can find them in all colors and sizes, in addition to manual vibration levels or remote control, some give turns and even have temperature and even ejaculate so there is not much to say, just look at the catalogs … they are amazing .

Sexual dice how are these erotic toys used?

This sex toy is designed to generate some complicity with your partner or escort , very fun. In one of the dice six techniques appear: pinch, lick, blow, kiss, caress, bite, in the other, erogenous areas common to men and women.

The player will roll the sexual dice and must apply what both indicate. For how long? What you want and of course your partner wants. Some variations include drawings of sexual positions, combined with places in the house … so make your combinations, they are cheap and very fun if you like surprises.

erotic toys with escorts
Erotic toys with escorts

Body oils to arouse sensuality

They are ideal for massages and help the preliminaries of your relationships, body oils create a great climate apart, some have delicious smells and are edible, so if you want to combine your massage with very sensual kisses , you can do it without any problem.

The body oils can be combined with skin flavored powders , the latter can help you surprise your partner when he kisses you in different parts of the body and of course … it will be unforgettable.

Vibrating rings for the enjoyment of both

This vibrating ring is placed in the penis and has an ergonomic point that during penetration causes it to remain in the clitoris so it stimulates both.

They come in various sizes to suit the member without hurting them and some come in very sensitive materials such as hypoallergenic silicone, which can help them both feel quite comfortable.

You can also add to the list gels with flavors, lubricants, costumes, handcuffs, simple whipping and even masks, everything that of course makes you feel good.

It is important to clean the erotic toys with warm water after using them , leaving them to dry in the open air and then store them in a sealable bag, this way you will keep them away from possible bacteria from the environment and you can use them quietly, so Cheer up and experience your sexuality to the fullest.

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