Duplex, a trio with two Barcelona escorts or two girls?

Two women willing to please you in a threesome

Trio con dos escorts Barcelona

One of the most common fantasies in men is to maintain sexual relations with two women at the same time , what in porn movies is usually seen as something extremely sensual and also easy.

In real life, very few girls are willing to participate, but you can do it without much trouble if you hire the services of two luxury escorts in Barcelona to make a trio . So you will live your fantasy, without questions and the best with expert girls who will undoubtedly know how to take you to the peak of passion.

What to expect from a sexual trio with a Barcelona escort?

There are cases in which women simply want to see their partner having sex with another woman, in other cases, both girls want to have sex with each other with a man who watches and masturbates in front of them, but the fantasy that men want In general, women have lesbian sex and can interact having sex with both of them. Our escorts in Barcelona are experts in threesomes, so if this is your first time in this adventure we recommend to hire a Barcelona escort to make a trio .

How should you act in front of a sexual trio?

First keep in mind that it is your fantasy and therefore surely you have already planned as it can be, however it is good to keep in mind some tips, particularly if you are not two professional Barcelona escorts in this sexual art .

The first is to generate a climate of trust between the three, without taboos or prejudices. You should not devote too much time only to one of the girls, because the idea is to interact with the two, so you should not pay attention to any of them for more than five minutes.

Do not speak to the ear to either, as this usually makes the other easily disturbed. They should look for positions in which all three are active, both in the previous game and in the act itself.

For example, the man can lie on his back, with one of the women having a penetration while the other can be placed in front of his face, in this way the man can practice oral sex. Another way is that the two girls are in 69 position having a cunnilingus between them while you penetrate the one above.

Positions and pleasures in a trio

You can put the two girls in four and while you penetrate each other you can masturbate with your fingers and then change shifts, meanwhile they can kiss each other.

Keep in mind that pretending to reach a simultaneous orgasm with three people is quite difficult, so it is more a pleasure game in which the two girls seek to please you.

Of course, having sex with two women at the same time is almost an Olympic sport, so you should prepare for it, do not eat too much before entering your task, even with only one woman, since Your body’s blood and energy will be more in the digestive process and not where you need it at that precise moment.

Sleep a few hours before you are rested and get ready to enjoy an unparalleled experience with two women willing to please you .

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