The secret side of Top Models

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Do Top Models have a price?

Do not feel bad, but it is a universal truth that we all have at some point come to consider the idea that many of the great top models have come so far not only on their own merits, and in fact it is thus, many of them have achieved almost everything they have at the expense of performing “favorcitos”. And it’s not bad, each person has the autonomy to decide how to build their own path and the reality of what success could represent.

This is how many of today’s famous top models in Spain take advantage of its high position nationwide to collect large amounts of money for simple questions such as a simple romantic dinner, a VIP Accompaniment to an event or something deeper such as establishing a relationship outside the public eye or as intimate as allowing a sexual relationship. They have full knowledge that many men could pay what they want to spend time with them, since something as banal as beauty could have many women in Spain, but that feeling of power that is provided by being public or private with a woman of very high profile and recognition is what satisfies gentlemen with a lot of purchasing power.

That is why this exclusive information can only be accessed by white-collar characters, people who are concerned that their identity is completely confidential, as well as to respect the confidentiality required by the top models , due to the scandal that could suppose if this came out to the public light, since we have been witnesses of declivity that many stars and famous suffer when having some slip in their lives.

Top Models acompañante de lujo

Do we all have a price?

Following this we could question “What need would a recognized top model to continue with these behaviors?” Basically everything could reduce it to ambition, the desire to produce and seize a larger amount of money, where no sum, however large, could satisfy it completely. Money is a perfect synonym of what power represents in any culture of the world.

So both men and women fulfill their claim, they feel more powerful to have the woman that any man wants but could never have, and they can get what success represents; to be able to afford any kind of luxuries, however ridiculous, superficial or absurd it may seem.

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