Know the current erotic trends

The hottest erotic trends at the hands of our luxury escorts

tendencias eroticas

Currently there are a large number of genres, and, of course, erotic trends have changed in a certain way. There are so many varieties that you may not even know some of them, but the luxury escorts of Aphrodite Escorts do, so so that you do not miss out on this wonderful pleasure, we will tell you what some of them consist of, so you can request the services by his name.

The best erotic trends sensual massages

The sensual massages mark the present, since they are a perfect way to relax, and break the ice, They are special for the start of the evening, and you will find that they have a great variety, some focused on stimulating certain areas, and others planned specifically for your pleasure.

These massages have many varieties, one of them is the body-body, in which the escort uses her own body to give you a truly unforgettable massage.

Bondage, for the most daring!

Bondage is a very old practice, but thanks to 50 Shades of Grey it has become quite popular among a certain group of lovers , so, there you can play two different roles, the master or the submissive, so choose which of the two practices you want to perform.

Of course, it will be necessary to warn you that our escorts practice Bondage and erotic sado, since these practices have many ramifications and those who know them know that some of them can cause severe injuries, something that we do not allow with our clients or with our escorts. deluxe.

Duplex, twice the sensuality in your bed

The best-known scene in pornography is two extremely sensual women who have sex with each other. them and then a man arrives to have sex with both of them. Now imagine being able to bring this fantasy to reality.

Luxury Escorts love to participate in these experiences so, if you are thinking of having this wonderful experience, do not hesitate to contact our escort agency.

Striptease, personal and with an unexpected ending

Most of the time you go to see a striptease, you can only do exactly that, observe, and it is undeniable that this activity is extremely exciting, so it is great that luxury Escorts know how to do it, since they can give you the ending you’ve been waiting for a long time.

Experiences with sex toys, a classic erotic trend

You can’t imagine the wide variety of toys that exist on the market and that can help you have stimuli that you have never felt before. There are male masturbators, and you don’t know the things that can be done with a clitoral sucker, in addition to the traditional vibrating rings, hot and cold oil, as well as a super interesting collection of dildos with extremely interesting and curious shapes, which you can use to play with your luxury escort.

With our escorts you can give free rein to all your imagination, and you only need to tell us which of them you want and we will find the escort willing to do everything you want and take you to the maximum pleasure like never before.

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