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Wearing high heels is perhaps one of the most striking symbols of femininity. Although the origin of heels was to give kings and noblemen a higher height, women ended up taking over this fashion and, for some reason, there are men who really melt before high shoes, carried with great elegance.

The escorts of the Aphrodite Escorts agency have an excellent knowledge of high heels, so, if you love this fashion in women, indulge yourself with our luxury escorts!

The escorts with high heels are super sexy!

Beyond fashion, high heels are a sexual weapon for escorts, since learning to wear them not only increases height, but also slims the leg and causes a particular curve that makes the rear stand out more and to balance the body, the spine is stretched, in such a way that the chest rises making the breasts protrude immediately.

In addition, if they are accompanied by a garter belt, the leg immediately looks extremely long, also in bed, depending on creativity, these stockings can be used as an extremely sensual aid, such as for blindfolding, tie a hand, even as a gentle whip to ignite passion.

In addition, there are sensual stockings, with tights, colored drawings, and a wide variety of textures, which is truly interesting for lovers of this wonderful garment.

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Do high heels turn you on too much? Read this:

Men naturally have a certain attraction to women in heels because they look extremely feminine, but, if you feel such a passion not for the girls themselves, but for how the shoes look on the feet of the model, you may have a paraphilia.

In the case of feeling pleasure when looking at or wearing high-heeled shoes, it is called high calciphilia, and, believe it or not, it is extremely common, especially in office men and those who like tall women.

Sometimes it is confused with retifismo, but this is a paraphilia in which the desire for any type of shoes prevails, so they are very different.

Pornography has notably influenced this taste, since all the actresses in this type of production always wear extremely high heels, so it is not uncommon that when a man sees a woman in a miniskirt and heels he feels an immediate attraction, and begins to let your imagination run wild.

This is why the ladies of our agency in Mallorca know how to dominate their heels in any situation, so if you love them sexy women in high heels! we have some in our agency that will definitely leave you speechless.

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And if you like to do some creative things with heels, tell us, we can help you fulfill your fantasy because luxury whores are willing to make you have the best moments, so don’t hesitate to contact us and enjoy a very pretty girl, with heels and high stockings super sexy!

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